Kaiyu Zheng


I am a research assistant at the UW Robotics State Estimation (RSE) Lab, working with Dr. Andrzej Pronobis and Prof. Rajesh Rao. My research interests are in computer vision and robotics. (Resume)

Graduated from the University of Washington in June, 2017, with a B.S. degree in Computer Science with departmental honor for my research thesis, and a minor in mathematics.

Previously, I worked on device integration of Myo at the UW Movement Control Lab, advised by Dr. Vikash Kumar. I worked as a teaching assistant for CSE 311 (Foundation of Computation I) in fall 2016, and CSE 446 (Macine Learning) in winter 2017. Interned at CME Group Inc. as a software engineer in summer 2015.


Learning Large-Scale Topological Maps Using Sum-Product Networks
Kaiyu Zheng.
Senior Thesis, arXiv:1706.03416, 2017. (pdf)

ROS Navigation Tuning Guide
Kaiyu Zheng.
arXiv:1706.09068, 2017. (ROS site) (pdf)


Training Deep Probabilistic Models for Semantic Mapping with Mobile Robots.
Kousuke Ariga*, Kaiyu Zheng*, Andrzej Pronobis.
20th Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Washington, 2017. Poster.

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Github: zkytony

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