My Dumping Ground.

Here is a dumping ground for my writings, notes, ideas and opinions, pictures, etc. all on this single page. You can learn about my interests, thoughts, and me as a person.


Three Reasons Why Fundamentalism Is A Modern Phenomenon [Link]
Fundamentalism, though usually used to describe people that are appealed to the past, is a modern phenomenon. ... (JSIS 202, Prof. Wellman)

Experiences & Interpretations of Nature [Link]
I intend to to describe my own understanding and definition of nature. ... (L ARCH 361, Prof. Manzo)

Gentrification Case Profile [Link]
I discuss the gentrification case in Yuexiu, a district in Guangzhou, China. As many other places in China, Yuexiu has experienced intense redevelopment as the state transitioned to a socialist market economy. ... (L ARCH 361, Prof. Manzo)

Analysis of Two Artworks in the Henry Art Gallery — Untitled and Fun. No Fun. [Link]
I describe details of two artworks, and provide a comparative analysis between these two works so as to comprehend Henry’s goal in presenting these two very different artworks simultaneously. ... (ART H 209, Prof. Rounthwaite)


Explanation of calculating multiplicative inverse [Link]
This is a note I wrote while being the teaching assistant for CSE 311, where I walk through how the multiplicative inverse is calculated, a confusing concept for students to grasp.

Coding Interview Preparation [Link]
Review of concepts and key algorithms commonly used in coding interviews.


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